Week 8 Notes and Ideas

From week 8 I learned:

* About writing emails, memos and proposals.
* E-mail was invented in 1971 and was widely adopted in the late 1980’s.
* A memo is really called a memorandum.
*A client will issue a Request for Proposal, known as an RFP, and circulate it to various public relations firms.


Week 7 Notes and Ideas

From week 7 I learned:

* How to work with multimedia storytelling and use audio and video when storytelling.
* That a public relations professional should contact interested reporters who were unable to attend a news conference.
* In public relations, press tours are also called junkets. All-expense-paid junkets are NOT an effective way to guarantee a well written, positive story.
* A Web page with a strong marketing emphasis may have several main sections, including: a section about the organization and its reputation for service and reliability.
*Navigation tools are a priority on a Web site.

Week 6 Notes and Ideas

From week 6 I learned:

* About writing for radio and television from CH 9
* I also learned how to write VNRS and PSAS
* From CH 10 I learned how to distribute news to the media
* For example, tip sheets, e-mail, photo placement firms, and fax.
* We also took a NewsU course and I learned how to “write for the ear” such as audio and things dealing with social media that should be heard unstead of written.

Week 5 Notes and Ideas

For week 5 we took the NewsU Language Lab and I thought it was quite interesting and I learned a lot from it!

*I learned that there are many photo types such as: informational, passive and active

*Some single elements of photographs are: graphic, emotion, mood, sense of place, point of entry, and layering.

*Also, pictures can have many elements in just one picture to help the picture be of better quiality and interest.

*From RATS CH 7 I learned that a good feature story requires right-brain thinking and that the most common approach to feature writing and distribution is to write a general feature and distribute it to a variety of publications.

*From RATS CH 8 I learned that cropping is the cutting the unnecessary from a photograph and emphasizing the important, and that Photo news release (PNR) is is a photograph with a longer caption that is distributed as a news release.

Week 4 Notes and Ideas

Things I learned from Week 4:

*The 4 W’s and an H.-what happened, who did it happen to, where did it happen, when did it happen and how did it happen.

*Always ask the questions what’s the news and what’s this story about?

*Your lead depends on your news organization, the news and the timing of publication.

*I also did not know that there were myths while dealing with leads

Week 3 Notes and Ideas

A few things that I have learned from week 3:

*I learned from CH 3 RATS the legal issues that have to do with public relations such as provacy, how to comment, copywriting and the right and legal way to use photographs.

*While making blog comments it is very important to make them effective and useful to others and how to comment and what to say is also important.

*From CH 4 RATS I learned all about news and the components that go into it. Like how to find news, create it, and some tactics for generating news

Week2 Notes and Ideas

A few things that I learned from week 2:
*From reading ch 2 and taking the RATS quiz I learned that there is a lot to learn and very interesting things to do with persuasive speaking

*Also, that the basics of communication depends on four elements which are: a sender, message, channel, and a receiver.

*I got to touch up on AP style and learned more about my stylebook and how to use it.

*I am also getting better at blogging and learning a lot more about how to use it.