PR Connections #14

52 Cool Facts about Social Media This article was extremely interesting to me and I picked out my favorite 10 that I thought everyone would enjoy!

1. There are currently 110 million users of Twitter’s services.
2. Members of LinkedIn come from more than 200 countries from every continent.
3. Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
4. More than half of all bloggers are married and/or parents.
5. 90% of Internet users know at least one social network.
6. People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
7. Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users every day.
8. The very first video uploaded was called “Me at the Zoo”, on 23rd April 2005.
9. One in five bloggers update their blogs daily.
10. The average social user has 195 friends.



PR Connections #13

Teens experiencing Facebook Fatigue Many teens spend most of their time on the computer and the majority of that time is used for social networking. But many are starting to show fatigue.
“Of the group that are saying goodbye to Facebook(), 45% have lost interest, 16% are leaving because their parents are there, 14% say there are “too many adults/older people” and 13% are concerned about the privacy of their personal information.” But, facebook is still the most popular social netowork.
I guess we will have to see what’s in the future with facebook and other social networks and see what teens will get into next!

PR Connections #12

This article on 6 ways on how to pitch social media to your boss really caught my eye. The 6 ways were: Get help from other colleagues, Schedule a time for the pitch, Create a formal presentation, Primarily, answer the question “What problems will social media solve?, Present the benefits of using social media from different company perspectives, and Recommend a concrete plan of action.
This was in 2008 when the author of this article pitched this to his companys CEO. He came up with them while doing his powerpoint presentation. His boss let him do some experimenting after and designed things on Twitter, blogs, and other social media things to help people learn on how to pitch social media to their companies or bosses.
I thought it was an extremely interesting article and something that each of us can learn from in case we are put in a situation in the future to where we need to help our company climb up the ladder and be the best that it can be.

PR Connections #11

I don’t really know how I feel about this article about “celebrities getting iphones without waiting in lines.” I understand that they are celebrities and can basically do what they want. But, is that really the fair way to go about things? I think that it should be equal and first come first serve. No need to make others mad who have been standing in line for hours and you cutting and the people who work at the store letting you cut just because you’re a celebrity.
I think that maybe celebrities should start understanding that they are regular people too and they can’t just always get what that want on a silver platter. I think that this should be taken care of and not let it happen again with other people that are supposively “higher up” than the rest of us!

PR Connections #10

“Which Department Should Run Your Social Media Campaign?” This was an article that I recently read and thought that it was very interesting. The author stated four factors that he thought was contributing to PR now running the social media show: 1. PR tactics tend to be informational, rather than sales focused; 2. PR tactics tend to emphasize a dialogue versus a monologue; 3. PR tactics tend to embrace longer forms of communication; and 4. PR tactics are typically associated with lower costs. “The reality is that in 2010, public relations departments are actually the ones pulling the strings when it comes to social media budgets and strategies.” So which department do you think should run YOUR social media campaign?

PR Connections #9

I read an article last night that I thought would go along very well with blogging. It was called “Blogging Tips: 52 Different Ideas!” Some of my favorite ideas were: Comment on other blogs and news articles to show your thinking/expertise, but also link people back to your blog, Develop a series of how to blog posts, Provide “share this” buttons to Facebook and Twitter as a minimum, and Ask your readers what they want you to write about. Blogging has been a very big part of this class and I am sure it will be very important for the PR world when I graduate also. I think that these ideas were fantastic and could really help someone with their blogging and how to make it better. I know that I read some tips that I hope to take with me in order to help me with my career in the future and also to make my blogging experience more fun and easier!

PR Connections #8

I read a very interesting article a little bit ago and it was called “5 Ways to Use Social Media for your Events.” The 5 tips were Tell, tell, tell, you must love me, myself, and i, turn the heat up, show me the tee-vee, and NOT so yesterday. The author explains that “there is a reason it is called social media, and it’s because it is social.” She also explains how social media is the best way to get you where you want to go and help you with what you want to do in life. Without social media where would we be?! You can do that by using Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networking things that are out there waiting for us to use them. So get out there and be a social media person!! 🙂

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