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I feel the same way that you do about this! When I saw that we were required to blog, I was thinking “what is the point of this?” I didn’t think that people really did this for fun or like I just read from your post that they got paid! That is really unreal and I can’t believe that people get paid to write a blog post.
You can learn so much from reading people’s and companies blogs and really find out what is going on in the PR world. I learned that it can also help your companies business and really get the word out there about the success that you are trying to have. It’s really crazy that there are so many social media things out there that can really help your business and help you learn so much about anything and everything.


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Amy, you are such a little Twitter lover! ha. I knew that when we got this assignment that you would love it! But, I agree with you, I learned a lot more about Twitter than when I usually use it to just stalk celebrities or see what some of my friends are up to. I couldn’t believe that PR professionals and PR companies really use Twitter as much as they do until Dr. Nixon made it mandatory for us to follow them, which I think was a great idea! Like you, I learned that people talk about more things than just what they are doing at the moment. It can be actually be a great learning experience to learn about things going on around the world and in the PR world!

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I thought that chapter 6 was extremely helpful. I thought that it had many tips and ideas that will definitely help us in the future for the professional world. Preparing fact sheets, advisories and all the others that you mentioned are very important for PR professionals and something that we always need to know and be good at in order to be on our a-game. I did not even know about the 7 components dealing with media kits until chapter 6 and I thought that it was so helpful and useful. And the tips on how to make a perfect pitch are so useful and something that I think we need to know like the back of our hand.

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I really like this post! Personally, I am very excited that the Lakers won! I love Kobe! But I also think that the games that them and the Celtics played were excellent and they are both fantastic and very talented teams. I also really like your picture that you put up and it really adds to your blog. I read some comments about the players and was also wondering how their PR people handled it. I understand that it must be hard to back up your clients and keep them and their fans happy. But overall it was great games and I think that both teams acted respectable and played to the best of their abilities!

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I love this post! I think that we take for granted what all they do for us and we should take time out of our day to pray for them and try and help them in any way that we can. I think it is also very thoughtful for you to write about this and take a moment to thank them. Without them no telling where we would be be today.

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I am right with you on this blog! I’ve had Twitter for quite awhile now and used it a bunch at first and then got so tired of it that I quite for a long time and just recently started back with it for some of my classes. I thought too, that it was just all about “updated statuses,” until I actually started following people and companies that intersted me or that might help me with my PR future. The people that Dr. NIxon wanted us to follow often had great articles to read or advice to help us perform better in the PR profession. I also enjoy it a lot more than I used to and hope to keep it up in the future! Great post!

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This is a great post! I think that this lab was really good at helping us brush up on things that we might have forgotten with leads and also had things that we didn’t know as well. I personally have never been good at writing leads and this lab helped me a lot., Like you said, for a PR major leads are very important and actually help the reader actually want to read the story or whatever it is that you are writing. It definitely grabs the attention of the reader. I hope that in the future I can remember what this lab taught me and it can help me in my major in the future.

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