For our final I decided to write about Social Media News Releases, also known as SMNR’s. A social media news release is a press release format designed for the online media world. The press release was written with just the “press” in mind, but in the online world your story needs to be told in a format that is relevant to a wide variety of people – journalists, bloggers, publishers and the public at large.
One of the advantages of an SMNR is how they are “formatted so information is easy to scan, utilizing bullets and lists of ready made quotes instead of dense text.” Michael Lissauer, the executive vice president of Business Wire, gives another advantage of writing an effective SMNR and how if you can “write a news release effectively, they can bypass the gatekeepers, the journalists, who always had the opportunity of interpreting the release how they wanted” Another advantage is how hyperlinks are often used in the text and they connect people to other social media networking sites. They also give people the opportunity to view news releases in a different aspect than other avenues (traditional news release) such as seeing a video or hearing a podcast. Consumers are just as big of the target audience as the media sources and The increase in common-person (vs. media outlet) viewing, allows SMNR sites to gain more of a community involvement toward SMNR’s sites, instead of just making it a strictly a corporate vehicle for big-business news sources. (
Some disadvantages of SMNR’s are that they contain too much information and sometimes include too many hyperlinks which draws the focus away from the main point of the message. Some people say that they are too expensive and not worth the money because no one reads them. Also, Some people say the online version of the news release takes away from the traditional offline news release.
PR practitioners should consider using an SMNR because they are very big with blogging and move across the web well and can reach many different and diverse audiences. Also, they don’t have a specific audience in mind, and are written broadly and presented blandly. (
One website that is of excellent help on how to make an SMNR is Another one is
A link that to an SMNR that an organization has created is
5-10 tips for SMNR creation:
*Be creative-do your own ideas and make them different from anyone else’s. Make sure that you stand out.(
*Be professional-take this seriously and do your best. Make sure that you proofread your work and look for things that you can change or possibly make better.
*Do not overdo it-Be creative and exciting but don’t go overboard. Make sure it is colorful and informative but deifinitely not over the top.
*Use short headlines and subheads to highlight main points and interest. They should not just be a repeat of the lead paragraph. (
*Include links to pages where multiple instances of your key words/phrases reinforce your message.


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