PRCA3330-Week9-PR people drive journalists crazy!

1. PR people can be annoying to journalists!-To avoid this make sure that you let the journalists breathe and trust that they will write the right article about your client. Give them enough instructions and information but do not be overbearing.

2. Give enough information!-Make sure that you give your journalist enough information so that they have something to work with. If you don’t give them enough information it is going to be hard to write about your client and will probably end up not being a good article.

3. Always be able to be reached!-When a journalist needs you, they are going to expect you to answer. Make sure that you are always available via e-mail or telephone in case the jounalist has a question that they need an answer to immediately.

4. Don’t try and tell journalists how to do their job! ( Journalists went to school too and they hate it when PR people try and tell them what to do. Relax, and have faith that they know what they are doing.

5. Do not get mad if your story did not get covered! ( Journalists are constantly getting asked to cover stories and different news and they CANNOT do it all! Don’t freak out, bug, or get mad at journalists if they don’t cover your story. It won’t be the first or last time that will happen.

6. Make sure you meet your deadline! ( It is very important to comeplete your work on time and get everything into the journalist that he/she needs so that they can get the story in on time. It is very irritating to have to wait on something and journalists to not like to rush.

7. Double check your work, no mistakes!- Journalists try and make their work grammatically as correct as possible, so PR people should as well. Double check your work and make sure that there are as few mistakes as possible.

8. Do not overwhelm them with gifts! ( Gifts are good and all but they can get kind of annoying. Don’t try and persuade journalists with gifts, it can get over the top.

9. Get them the best news!- Often journalists think that PR people do not know what is “newsworthy.” Make sure that the news is interesting and not something that is easy or that fits your agenda. Give the journalist something good to work with so that they will want to work with you again.

10. Sending news releases to, or leaving voice-mail messages for, multiple reporters and editors without revealing that other people on staff have been contacted for the same reason!( This can be a very big time waster for journalists. Be considerate.


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