PRCA3330-Week 9-Advice for Blogging

What advice would you offer PR students who are new to blogging? Come up with your own Top 10 list

1. Always use the right grammer and punctuation and always proofread your posts.
2. Comment on other’s blogs. It will help you learn things and also help them better their blogging.
3. Make your page easy to read, exciting, and creative. It will make others want to read your blogs and interact with your page more.
4. Make sure what you post is informative and interesting. No one wants to read something that is of no use to them.
5. Do not worry about the length of your blogs. Write what you want and enough to get through to your readers.
6. Write something originial 🙂 Use your own ideas and creativity.
7. Post frequently. Make sure your readers know that you will always have something interesting waiting for them to read.
8. Read others comments to you and take their advice. They are the one’s having to read what you write.
9. Add appropriate links to your blog that helped you with your topic or the information that you put into it.
10. Last but not lease, HAVE FUN! If you do it right and stick with it I promise that it can be something fun to do in your spare time!!


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