PRCA3330-5 Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling-Week 7

This week we took the 5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling. While taking it I learned the best way to choose a story, how to make a storyboard, how to report with multimedia, how to edit for the web, and how to produce the story. It was very interesting and taught me a lot.
Now I am able to: Identify the elements in a multimedia story, understand which stories are more suitable for multimedia, sketch a concept for a story, and identify tools needed to gather content in the field. I never knew that all this was needed in order to make sure a good multimedia story. It was actually a lot harder than I expected it to be.
Like I just said, what surprised me was how hard it actually was and how much was to go into it. I did not think that it would be that complicating. It was need how to learn how to do all the audio and how much it actually helped the story once you figured out how to do it. It added so much more and so much more depth to what you are trying to get out to your audience. I would like to know more about this subject and more on exactly what to do in further depth. I would also like for someone to explain it to me instead of me having to do it by myself because I think that I would better understand it to have someone explain it to me instead of having to read it.
I really liked this exercise and thought it was extremely interesting. It fascinated me how much you can really add to writing by using video and audio to help spice up what you are trying to replay to your audience! Writing can be exciting if you try!! 🙂


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