PR Connections #12

This article on 6 ways on how to pitch social media to your boss really caught my eye. The 6 ways were: Get help from other colleagues, Schedule a time for the pitch, Create a formal presentation, Primarily, answer the question “What problems will social media solve?, Present the benefits of using social media from different company perspectives, and Recommend a concrete plan of action.
This was in 2008 when the author of this article pitched this to his companys CEO. He came up with them while doing his powerpoint presentation. His boss let him do some experimenting after and designed things on Twitter, blogs, and other social media things to help people learn on how to pitch social media to their companies or bosses.
I thought it was an extremely interesting article and something that each of us can learn from in case we are put in a situation in the future to where we need to help our company climb up the ladder and be the best that it can be.


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