PRCA3330-Podcasts-Week 6

The podcast that I decided to listen to was Inside PR. The people talking were Martin, Gina and Joe. I thought it was very interesting that they were all communicating but not in the same place, they were all over the world!
They talked about a conference that Martin and Joe went to and they were telling Gina how they met many “great communicators” and look forward to doing something like that again in the future. At the conference they talked about social media trends and how wherever they were they couldn’t believe how flat the ground and terrain was. They were so funny to listen to! Martin kept telling them how he would get up early because his Blackberry was messed up and be about 2 hours early for his conference and he became very tired towards the end of the day! Everything that they would say they would connect it to social media and made it extremely interesting to listen to.
They even actually talked about Twitter (which we worked with last week) and Facebook which I think everyone nowadays is very into. Joe interviewed with someone that was launching a book and he explained and helped him with social media to get his name out there and promote awareness of his novel. After that the author of the book, Terry, got on and talked about how he used social media in order to get his book selling. It made me realize that social media means everything and can help you in many ways after listening to this podcast!
Listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners because you can actually lsiten to what PR people are doing around the world and can learn many tips and ideas on how to better your career and future with PR. Usually people like things that are audio so you can listen to it on the road or while exercising. I found podcasts to actually be very entertaining and helpful, something that I was not expecting. I encourage PR professionals and students to listen to podcasts because I believe them to be very beneficial!


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