PRCA3330-Twitter-Week 5

I have had a Twitter account for awhile. At first I got it for fun about two summers ago and was very into it until I slowly faded away from it and stopped using it for awhile. Then I had to tweet for my Intro to PR class and now for my PR writing class. Personally, Twitter is not my favorite. I am more into Facebook to be honest. I just don’t really see the point in updating statuse’s with everything you are doing. The only good thing I am getting out of it is since I am following many PR professionals and my classmates, I have read many interesting articles and information that should help me in my future and with my career. I do think that Twitter is a great thing for the professional world and I hope and believe that I will use it and find it much more helpful when I go out and get into the real world. A way that I think I might find value in continuing my Twitter account is like I said before, with the professional world. I am a senior and will graduate next May, so therefore I will be looking for a job very soon. Also, since my major is PR and we are all about networking, news and communicating I think that Twitter will help me, especially now that I am following many major firms and professionals that could help me get my feet in the door. I have had a pretty good experience with Twitter and have found some useful things that come along with it. Although, it may not be my favorite type of networking I am going to stick with it because I believe that it can help me in more ways than one with my classes and my future!!


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