PRCA3330-Week 4-Lead Lab

I thought that the Lead Lab was very, very helpful. I personally am not very good at writing leads and I believe that this lab helped me a lot with things that I will hopefully remember in the future. The 5 “W”s and an “H” were also very helpful. What happened, who did it happen to, where did it happen, when did it happen and how did it happen. Also, it explained how you need to focus in on the two basic questions of what’s the news and what’s the story about? Look for the tension in the lead and pick a lead that is right for your story which depends on your news organization, the news, and the timing of the publication. You need to be able to say your lead in one breath, make sure that it doesn’t put you to sleep or confuse you, don’t stumble over words and does it sound like something you would tell a friend over the phone? Make sure you revise because just because it appears in print doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be revised. Make sure the lead is accurate and tighten them by replacing verbs in the present continuous tense. Good leads with help with effective comprehensive reporting. There are many myths with leads. Some of them are: leads must never begin with a quote, leads must always contat attribution, a good lead is never more than three or four lines long, and a lead must sum up the story in a paragraph. They said to remember that your editor can pinpoint problems in your lead that confuse your audience. This lab helped me a lot and I think that it will defiinitely help me for the future. I hope this will make my leads better and help my writing skills as well. I would never want to bore my readers!


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