PRCA3330-Week3-Comments and blogging

Comments are such an integral part of blogs and blogging for a few reasons. The whole point and reasons for blogs is to let people know what you are thinking, what is on your mind, and also what you know. For example to let people in on the knowledge that you have and share something interesting that might be of help to others and tell them something that they might learn from you. Commenting is so important because it lets people tell you what their thoughts are on what you have wrote and maybe even tell you something that you did not know before. And when you comment on others blogs it does the same thing to them as well. It also helps you interact with others and it makes you able to communicate with people on a topic that y’all both might be interested in talking about. When you comment on blogs it is like having a conversation with another person and helps y’all to be able to talk and share things with each other. My adivice to others on writing effective blog comments would be to write where the other person can understand what you are trying to say, for example, to use effective grammer and writing techniques. Also, to write something to them that they would be intersted in reading and something that would be of use to them. Make sure that you write enough where there are no questions in what you are trying to get across to them and make it something to where they can also share the information with others. While blogging I have learned that it is very important to keep all of these things in mind and to use them effectively. Be sure to never leave something that might surprise or dissapoint the person’s blog that you are commenting on.


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