This week we took the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course ( I thought that it was extremely helpful and really made me realize what errors of my writing that I need to focus more on. I learned that when using numbers 0-9 you spell them out and when using numbers 10 and on you use numerals. I also learned that certain words are to be hyphenated when before I always just thought it was right when it was either one word or just separated without a hyphen. What surprised me is how detailed and picky everything has to be. I didn’t really realize how specific a lot of this is and how one little mistake can make it wrong and not in AP stye. While taking the quizzes a lot of the right answers surprised me because I thought that I knew how to do most of these things. I realized how useful this stylebook really is going to be to me and how it will hopefully help me and other courses that I will take in the future. I would like to know later on how to use the stylebook better and ways that will help me find what I need easier. It was confusing when I first got my hands on it and took me awhile to really get used to how it went. I feel more comfortable now and hopefully the more that I use it it will get easier and easier. I thought that this course was very helpful and something good for everyone to touch up on things and also refresh our brains on what we might remember from the past. I hope that the rest of these courses we will be taking in the future are just as helpful. I look forward to learing more about how to make my writing so much better!


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