I love music. And I love all types of music too. My favorite would have to be country, rap, and pop. Whenever I am feeling down or upset I like to listen to slower songs that have insiration to them, like country songs do. When I am about to go out, am very happy, or just hanging out with my friends and in a very good mood I like to listen to upbeat, fast music such as rap and pop. Some of my favorite artists are Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Gary Allan, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, and so many more that I can name. Some of my favorite rap and pop singers are Lil’ Wayne, Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, and also many more in this category that I could name. I think that music can soothe people and actually help their mood. Also, I know it does this to me, it can help you when youre sad or upset, or maybe even going through a hard time in life. Music to me is sometimes like therapy. It can get you through anything, just listen to the music! 🙂


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