Many people will probably be shocked or judgemental about this, but I do not watch the Olympics. I do not enjoy it, and would rather watch something else than all the events that go on. I just do not find it very entertaining and is not something I would like to do in my free time. I do not know if it is because I am not very athletic, and did not play sports in highschool, or what but it is just not my favorite. I never once turned it on this year and even if one of my friends, or a restaurant had it on I would pay no attention to it. When I was younger I loved the ice skating and gymnastics, but as I have gotten older I have lost much interest in it. Although, I do think that if I actually sat down and gave it a chance I might enjoy some of the events, but if I had to choose, that is not something that I would do. So, don’t judge me, but personally, I just do not care about the Olympics.


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