Hobbies and past times

Some of my favorite hobbies are going out with friends, doing things on the computer, and reading good books that don’t have to do with school when I get free time. There are many other things that I like to do, but these are definitely my favorite. I like anything that has to do with people and activites outside or just big groups of people getting together and just hanging out. And of course like basically any other college student, I love the computer. Getting on Facebook and just surfing the web is very entertaining to me. I do not get a lot of time to read, but when I was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break, when I had the free time I read some good books. I do not like being told what to read, so if it is anything that does not have to do with school I will read it!
Some of my favorite past times would probably have to be when my whole family would go to the beach together when I was younger. Every summer my grandparents would rent the same beach house and they would stay in the bottom portion, then my family and my moms sisters family would all stay in the upper part. We would usually go for about a week and two and it was just so much fun! So many memories were made 🙂


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