My Future Plans

???? Future plans????? I really did not want to think about this anytime soon, but looks like I am about to have to. To tell the truth I don’t ever want to grow up or graduate but it looks like it’s here. Today it came to reality when I actually had to fill out my clear of graduation form…and I must say I did not think that it was very fun. I still am undecided wether I want to go ahead and get my masters, or try to look for a job and get my masters later on in life. My major is PR and I am very interested in event planning, so I would like to do something with that. I either want to move back to my hometown, which is Macon, or go to a bigger city like Atlanta. I guess it just depends on where I find a job and where my thoughts are in a year. Like other people I do not have a certain plan that I am trying to follow, I just plan to graduate and see what jobs I can get from there. But I am still not excited about it…


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