Material Items That I Cannot Live Without

Personally I do not think that I am a very materialistic person, but there are a few things that I probably could not live without. The number one materialistic thing that I definately couldn’t live without is my cell phone. There is probably not a time in the day where my cell phone is not beside me with whatever I am doing. I feel lost without it because I feel like it is my “connection” to the rest of the world! It lets me have access to all of my friends and family, access to the internet, and many other things! I also probably could not live without jewlery and makeup. Even though I usually never wear either of these to class during the week, when I go out with my friends on the weekends I like to look nice and those are definately some things that help. Without these two things I am sure that I would definately not look as nice and well done and I am sure that every other girl would agree with me!


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